Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Evil Weed Dopplegangers and more rain.

Well summer is all most here and things are growing growing growing especially the weeds with all this rain! If there were awards given for growing weeds I think I could be a top contender. This being only our second year we are growing things especially from seed for the first time. The problem with this is how do I tell a seedling from a weed? One helpful email I saw said your spinach should be sprouted but watch out until it gets it first set of true leaves it looks just like grass. Now thats very helpful! So I have just let it go until I see a pattern emerging then I weed this is easy with beets and chard and spinach but it seems I dont know what a carrot seedling looks like so I went to the grocery store last night to look at what the foliage looks like now I think I know what I am looking for this but paired with it takes so freaking long for them to germinate and with all this rain added carrots could be a struggle this year but I think I have found some in the bed! Yay!

On the positive side the stuff in the high tunnel is going great gangbusters! The tomatoes and peppers have fruit on them and we have our first official zucchini. I planted 4 zucchini plants as an after thought but now I am glad we did! So heartening to see the first real sign of summer. The beets I transplanted in late winter are doing well but lesson learned I didnt apparently plant them deep enough and they are a little crazy looking but oh well we will eat the nutty looking ones at home good thing Tommy and I both love beets! Lesson learned I guess but oh well now I will now how to plant them in the future. Spinach is also coming along nicely and the Romaine looks just amazing cant wait to dig into some of that in the next few days I see many many salads for dinner in the next week!

And lastly why does it seem that every vegetable has its evil weed twin? I swear you should see me out there trying to weed after work (in the rain) mumbling to myself is that what I want or is that a weed. I swear they all have evil lookalikes its probably some kind of mad genius adapation the weeds decided on for survival. Its driving me nuts. I need a lineup of weed mugshots to carry with me!