Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Try plugging it in and the mighty Hudson decides to get angry.

I couldn't help but notice driving down the road to work that the river was getting pretty swollen but I figured the rain had stopped and hopefully the snow in the higher passes was either melted or will melt imagine my chagrin when I was driving home from Washington County after stalking various towns and houses looking for home to see the river was VERY high. My stomach immediately started to knot upon seeing houses almost a story under water right on the river and yards shrinking every where else. It put an end to a pleasant journey home from work traveling the wrong way to home but still searching for a place to call my own through cambridge, easton and finally at stop at the grocery store in greenwich to get the weeks groceries.

As I drove down my road I see two side roads/driveways that are FEET under water FEET not inches FEET! I drive by the little fishing cabin about a 1/4 mile down the road and its a good 3 feet in the water. At this point my stomach starts to flip and I am gripping the wheel saying to myself here we go again just 3 years ago this happen and it scared the shit out of me I thought it was a one off but maybe with climate change this is just a sign of the times.....The farmers corn field looks like a pond I start to panic pull in the driveway the chickens are calm and just want their daily ration of scratch I give it to them forgetting the groceries. I remember to grab the groceries rush into the house look into the basement to see water not a ton but not good I rush out the side door see no water coming out of the tube from the sump pump.....Run in yelling at Tommy to get up and fix the pump and apparently he doesn't even notice its flooding apparently hes too depressed to look out the window I try not to scream that that is one of the benefits of you being home just fix it.....So he finally emerges from the confines of the couch goes down to the basement and says I don't know its broke. I put a call into Keith the heating dude as I call him  panicking and he says he will either be out in the morning or send a guy out. I go outside with booker and put a marker in the backyard where the water has risen to so I know if its getting better or worse go back inside and figure might as well make dinner. The nice guy shows up to help and guess what people guess what was wrong with the sump pump? It WASNT PLUGGED IN! OMG seriously not plugged in and we couldn't figure that one out?
corn field not a pond

Oh well so crisis averted just a little embarrassed at least I am not a guy nobody expects even now a days for a girl to understand anything. Sad but true. I swear when we find our next home I am hiring someone to show me where things are how they work and hopefully how to fix them. This is ridiculous! So wish us luck looks like the river is receding. Fingers crossed. In good farm news the garlic has sprouted and the water didn't reach them.
back yard again not actually a pond

yep still a yard and not a pond

Happy spring everyone and always remember your plans and schedules mean nothing to mother nature. She doesn't care if you should have already planted the peas she just doesn't care. Don't blame her really what are the cares of mortals to her?
hard to see but there is garlic growing! a success well so far!

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