Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fist fulls of dirt and forever land.

Well it looks like the weather has FINALLY broken the breeze was actually warm today if a little brisk for my liking oh what I am kidding damn near blustery out but its okay I will take it. Went out tonight to look at ground took a couple of fistfuls of dirt to see how wet it is. Always feel like Scarlet O'Hara when I do that. I know that most people of my generation who have a yen to farm blame little house on the prairie but for me its Gone with the Wind yep Scarlet throwing up her radish or carrot or whatever it was starving to death and clutching that fistful of dirt while remembering her fathers words about the value of land. Now that's what stirs my blood not that Little House doesn't who doesn't want to be half pint? How did I get off on this rant oh yeah my hands in the dirt finally man it felt like the snow would never leave us (not that it might not show up again lets be real) but for now it seems that spring is actually here and I am ready to farm.

Okay I am kind of ready to farm as usual am I behind on somethings and ahead on others. This whole maybe we are moving thing has really thrown me for a loop its so hard to start seeds when you don't know where you or them will end up. I have finally made the decision that moving wont happen right now we can do it in the fall so just settle down start your seeds and get your hands in the dirt. But the problem is that when I farm dirt its serious its a serious relationship and its hard to know that this could be the last time I farm this little plot of land my mini farm in my backyard. Makes me tear up just to write this. I know I am being over emotional over dramatic over thinking etc etc etc but still when I get my hands in the dirt its serious nothing I take lightly that's for damn sure. So its with mixed feelings I start the season but I don't want to take a season off I am too old with too much to learn and I don't dare miss a year. Hell I cant miss learning from all the mistakes I don't even know I am making yet.

On the search for home front we have narrowed it down after many hours of driving around up and down and all around to probably around Ballston Spa general area or Cambridge/Greenwich/Easton area both areas have nice small towns with interesting characters and maybe I will fit in and find some community in one of them. There are some great farms out there all ready had my heart broken a few times but its early days yet and our house isn't ready to be shown yet so hopefully this fall we will find our dream place and it wont hurt so much to move. Hard to leave the Hudson behind but I guess I can always come visit. Funny I am the emotional one and my husband just wants to move and he didn't have second thoughts until I said well we wont be able to go to the Old Fort Dinner in Fort Edward and a wave of doubt crossed his face and I said don't worry again we can always visit.

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