Sunday, March 23, 2014

Driving around looking for home.

the house.

I am under some pressure from outside sources to sell my house. I have mixed feelings about it and frankly the thought makes my stomach hurt. So maybe if I write about it things will become clearer. The problem is I live in the most beautiful spot in the world. Its true. Another problem is that the house itself is just too big for us now there being only two of us. Out of the 9 major rooms in the house we are using about 3 of them. Its a stunning house built in 1775 on the eve of the revolution classic colonial with gorgeous beams and white wood work. But like many or maybe most old houses it requires a ton of work on pretty much a constant (exaggerating a bit) basis. But the house does need work and it usually falls on my parents shoulders to help us out when things go awry so I understand if my father would like me to at least entertain finding another home.

So I have agreed to look around to see whats out there. I know what I want I just don't know if its out there. So I have been driving around lately looking for home. Number one thing I need is a beautiful view right now I have two the Hudson River in the front and rolling green hills that remind of England in the back. Don't think I am going to find another spot with two but one will do but it has to be BEAUTIFUL. Living somewhere beautiful is one of the only things I have accomplished in my life and I am not giving it up. I am not a person who can live in a development honestly if I move from here I want a farm a real farm. Which of course leads to other problems like no longer having an excuse to be a real farmer if you have a real farm. Excuses will go flying out the window on that one.  But its a chance I guess I am willing to take.
the back

the front
I have lived here for 10 years and haven't really made a lot of connections one of the main problems is I don't really have a town. So that would definately be something that I would be looking for a little community probably one a little goofy since that would be my and definitely Tommy's only chance of fitting in. Always wanted to find a little town like the one in the TV show northern exposure not sure it exists but I am out there driving around looking. The other day I got off exit 12 on the northway and drove around looking and looking for the spot that feels like home.....Went yesterday to salem and drove through jackson and cambridge and greenwich and schyulerville looking for home....Did more errands in greenwich today looking around looking for home. This week I think I will try west and north of saratoga and see if I cant find home. I have a weird feeling that I will know it when I find it. But honestly its a large bill to fill and I am not sure if its out there. Oh and I need to be somewhat close to my parents in Saratoga they are getting older and I don't want to be too far away.

So if you see a silver honda crv wandering the back roads of either warrren, washington or saratoga counties its probably me looking for home. Beep if you see me.

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