Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday ramblings and signs of spring.

You can tell its been a long winter when its in the upper 30's and people drive by on motorcycles and bicycles. The sun feels stronger today and I keep going outside to drink it up like a starving person. The chickens are outside and they are having a ball they just walked past the living room window hopping from snow free patch to snow free patch. Its been a long winter to say the very least but spring must be coming right? I looked at my preliminary farm plan yesterday to get my head around what I need to do soon and I noticed that I had the first planting of peas going in on March the 23rd. Um I don't think that's going to happen but hell you never know.

Woke up this morning to the sounds of birds chirping and a great celtic fiddle song in my head. Instant good mood. We have been having issues with our well so we were without water for a few weeks so you can only imagine the dishes that backed up. I think I just washed every dish in the house but that chore is done even if my fingers are a little pickled. Trying to make some spelt bread in the bread machine for my dad who cant have gluten right now so far looks good fingers crossed it turns out okay. Going to their house later to start the first of the seeds for the upcoming growing season its time to get the tomatoes that go in the high tunnel going as they will get planted mid to late April for an nice early start on the tomato season. And yes if all goes to plan which it rarely does. \\

After dishes I ran the garbage up to the dump we dont bother having a pick up service the dump is up the road and its only 2 bucks a bag so you really cant beat it. Love being a girl and pulling up to the dumpster jumping out and throwing the bags he-woman style in front of the group of guys were are always standing around shooting the shit. They just shake their heads at me which is fine. Wish I had brought my camera today there were some great shots I missed today.  I call the leader the "dumpmaster" and no matter what the weather he always says its a beautiful day.

When I came home I noticed the chickens were yucking it up outside taking dirt baths and stretching their legs. Looked like they were having a great time here are a few picks.

dust bath time!

garlic sleeping under the snow

mighty hudson rolling by

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