Thursday, June 13, 2013

trying not to panic looking up at the sky.

hopefully a sign of things to come our first snow pea.
rain oh more rain oh look more rain...seriously rain? I am starting to panic I still have planting to do and all its doing is raining and not little spring showers but RAIN like inches and inches of rain. The Hudson is starting to swell and that is starting to worry me too I think we will be okay but if that River comes up over the road we are done. But there's nothing I can do about it now is there?

I have the day off tomorrow so I can hopefully get the rest of the warm weather crops in and start looking to plant for late summer and fall. I can only imagine how messy I am going to get. I have a picture of myself maybe looking like a mud monster. I just hope I can find ground that's dry enough to plant in but at this point but seriously what choice do I have?

Our first market is on Saturday and it looks like it actually might be sunny. But I wont hold my breath. We don't have a ton of stuff ready but we should be okay with lettuce mix, head lettuce and radishes and maybe a little spinach.

I will take pictures tomorrow of what I look like after I have been out planting. Now I usually don't mind getting dirty and hands on in the dirt but I think tomorrow I just might even surpass any level of messiness I have achieved in the past.

More to follow!

head lettuce ready for market actually it started out as lettuce mix but looked good I let it grow.

first zucchini!

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