Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just when you think things cant get stranger.....

So last night Tommy and I had the usual argument about whether to go out or not. He of course wanted to go out to the local for prime rib night I wanted to stay in and make a new stir fry recipe I dreamed up. I won the argument but don't worry I wasn't being mean I was just being sane we had just gone to dinner there the night before. As I was prepping dinner he asked me if I had stopped for soda and I said no I didn't I was trying to beat my time record for getting home from work and I forgot. New world record by the way 45 minutes. He started to go on and on about how he has been looking forward to soda all day long and how it was basically that hope that was keeping him alive. I am being facetious but he was being way dramatic which tends to happen a lot with his brain problems. Its like he gets stuck on something like prime rib and he will ask me 500 times in a row if we can go get prime rib. White wine and xanax keep me somewhat sane.

But back to this silly story I finally lost patience with him and said Jesus the store is a block down the road go get some freaking soda. So he grabbed the keys and left now hes not really supposed to drive I figure if you cant walk reliably without falling down for whatever reason you probably shouldn't be driving. But I threw caution to wind and hoped he could only get into so much trouble going a block down the street. He came back a few minutes later with much more that soda of course. He cant stand just buying one thing ever. But it was Friday and a chocolate cake didn't sound like too bad of an idea. So all was well shrimp and Brussels sprout stir fry was had for dinner and all was well.

Fast forward to earlier today I gathered up some bags of garbage and a small sampling for the gazillion corrugated boxes I have and headed out the door to go to the dump. I walk outside and there is the freaking car parked not in the driveway but in the freaking FRONT YARD. No wonder the neighbors were looking at me strangely! OMG in the front yard yes the front freaking yard. I guess in his mind that now works somewhat strangely he figured he would park as close to the front door as he could. Now most people this wouldn't occur to but for him I guess it made perfect freaking sense.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love in a small town well more like love with a small town.

My new town and me its official for valentines day we are in love. Yes love even me who fears commitment on so many scales which has its own irony since i have been married for 13 years or so. My new town and I have it bad I mean bad. I wax so poetic sometimes I can bring tears to my own eyes. For example Tommy and I went down to our local on Friday night for prime rib night and I was telling him how I went to the local grocery store to buy fun food to make during this most recent visit of the polar vortex and I was saying how much I love having a small not bigger than twelve acres small old school somewhat weird grocery store to shop at and as I was talking I started to choke up and tears came to my eyes. So yeah me and the new town its big time. Full of emotion a sense of belonging to I don't even know what. A place I guess where people know your name well not my name yet because I am an elusive creature not one to give up my secrets but I watch and I listen to everyone else calling each other by name and it makes me smile and feel like well maybe maybe one day I will want them to know my name. I think I will feel safe enough soon to start opening myself up to the new.

Started off the day with coffee and cleaning as my parents were due at noon to take us to the local pub for lunch. Ran down to the dollar store to get the ever needed cat litter and listened to the small town talk of this or that of things good and things bad. Treated myself to a trip to the bookstore which is such a luxury to have in such a small town. And its a great bookstore I swear the owner does her buying with me in mind or maybe we were just separated at birth? I mean what bookstore that small as a new offering about the middle ages every time I go? what are the freaking chances? Today I picked up a history of the Plantagenet's which i actually descend from and I cant wait to curl up for the long haul an read.

We had a great lunch with mom and dad and the giant wood stove was doing its job keeping us all nice and toasty warm. Came home and let the pups out for a bit in the sun and brought out some fresh hot water for the chickens that hopefully wont freeze immediately. Only two days in a row of frigid temps not like last year where I think it was six weeks or so we never got over above freezing. So two days to hunker down in the new house happy as a pig in shit is not so bad. Later out to dinner for valentines day to cap off this very nice albeit very chilly day. Not a bad day to be alive. Life is good.