Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hoping things get better while waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Sounds like a waste of time right? Hoping against hope that things start to grow nice and strong while worrying about what is going to go wrong. Or maybe once again that is just one more parallel between life and farming. The sun is finally out and now I fear a drought. No real reason I fear it wont rain again I guess I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. The sun is finally out things are starting to grow but I am getting paranoid about bugs again waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is a pins and needles kind of season. Its so ironic two years ago when I first started I was planning on getting to market but because of the epic flood of spring 2011 we didn't make it but things grew that year better for me than they have had since. I guess we can chalk it up to beginners luck I wasn't worrying about flea beetles cucumber beetles squash bugs powdery mildew or any of it. Why wasn't I worried because friends I was the epitome of ignorance is bliss. I didn't know so I didn't worry where they out there probably did they ruin my little world? no. 

So as I did my tour of the "field" aka my back yard to see what I would have ready for market this weekend and realizing that again it wouldn't be much maybe a few bags of salad mix some zucchini a few cucumbers a broccoli and I started to panic feeling like I messed up again and when if ever was I going to  get my shit together I took a deep breath and realized I did have my shit together and it wasn't my fault if the sun didn't come out in June. So I grabbed a glass of wine and jumped in the pool for a moment or two of relaxation and while I was standing there a huge beautiful heron flew about 20 feet over me and I just called out "hey beautiful good journey" what a beautiful thing he was I am taking it as a good omen why not he could have crapped on my head but wait isn't that a good omen too?

So hoping against hope the things I have growing that are almost ready will pop the beans look amazing and so do the potatoes and the tomatoes are right behind them. Frankly I was embarrassed at market last week I even became paranoid that the market manager who is my secret mentor was disappointed in me. I tried not to take it to heart and chalked it up to my own paranoia. I even envisioned her moving me to some discreet part of the market where I wouldn't embarrass anyone. I just realized how many times I say hoping against hope in writing about our little venture man I guess it says it all.

Happy growing everyone!

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  1. It has been very wet here and the tomatoes are not doing well. I finally realized that my garden is on a slope and that is why some things are doing better than others, the green beans seem to like the wet other than some molding. It has been a rough year so far. Maybe it will be dry enough to look at the potatoes tomorrow, mud everywhere.