Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dirt under my nails again its a good thing.

So my hands are in dirt again and it feels great. I already have dirt under my nails I can't get out. From this point forward probably until November I probably can guarantee that I will always have dirt under my nails. It amazing how dirty I can get although its not really surprising since I was the little kid who was famous for my dirty face and even managed once to walk around with a lolly pop stuck to my face. Yes true story. I think my poor mother just gave up after awhile and figured as long as I went to bed with a clean face it was all good. I think it was one of the uphill battles of motherhood that she just ended up throwing in the towel on. I don't blame her don't blame her one bit.
Not too bad yet!
So the seeds have been started 2 weeks ago I started the onions, last weekend I started tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers for the high tunnel and yesterday I started a couple of flats of early spring stuff lettuce mix, spinach, arugula, and leeks. The spinach, arugula, and lettuce mix will mostly get direct seeded outside in a few weeks but I like to have a couple of transplants too to get the season off to a nice (fingers crossed) early start. I am super excited this year I am going to sell to people that I work with many of who just don't have time or its not their thing to check out farmers markets so I will bring the market to them. I think this is going to be great for us and hopefully will turn into another market day for us in terms of income without the need to go to market. The cool thing they actually seem to like me and would rather buy my stuff then go to the grocery store. Eva and Becky (my first two guinea pigs that I am going to sell too) even threatened me that if I tired to give them a discount they wouldn't buy from me. These are good peeps I'm telling ya. I am a lucky girl. So this little fledgling work buy program and hopefully and expanded presence this year on farmie market and of course my favorite day of the week Saturdays at Bpsa we should be in good shape this year. I don't want to bite off more than we can chew and I want to make sure I have a bounty of product for each enterprise. So here's hoping. I just realized I say "so here's hoping" in almost every post I write but I guess that's one of the things about farming you are always hoping.

Now this year to keep myself organized I have finally done what I jokingly threatened to do last year. I have taken pages off one of those desk calenders and put them on my dining room wall (or also known as seed starting central) surrounded my by seed/transplant scheduled. So hopefully this new system will keep me on the straight and narrow and so far its working!
think I should patent it?

The bible for the year!
It is supposed to be in the fifties today so I think I will take Lulu out for one of her walks and picture taking jaunts. Too wet out there to do any work and I think I just might have over wintered some spinach now that would be the bees knees!