Sunday, April 22, 2012

drinking coffee and procrasinating about weeding

Its Sunday afternoon and its rainy and chilly out and so far all I have managed to get done today is sleep late eat breakfast/lunch and drink coffee. And I want to be a farmer? This should be good. Trying to get the energy to get dressed and go out and weed the high tunnel and give the plants a shot of compost tea we were kindly given yesterday. Cant wait to try it out looks gross so you know its got to be good stuff. I swear if its smelly and mucky looking plants are probably going to love it!

So to bring you up to speed on our progress this year the stuff in the high tunnel is doing well we are still eating the spinach that we over wintered and it doesn't look like its going to quit anytime soon which is great I love spinach! The beets, romaine, and spinach I put in about a month or so ago are doing well the romaine especially looks freaking fantastic. Last week I put in 16 tomato plants lost 5 oh well luckily I have some more transplants I can replace the dead ones with also put in a couple of Partenon zucchini which are doing well for some early squash yum! Going to put in some peppers and eggplants too probably in the next week or so.

Okay on outside so far about 8 out of 40 beds are prepped and ready to go so far all I have managed to put in is some carrots some spinach and some shallots. Looks like its going to rain the next couple of days which is seriously needed it started to look like Texas out there. So I guess I am going to wait to get the rest of the early stuff in till next week so much rain is expected makes me nervous everything will rot. So I will probably be a week or so behind which is nothing new to me I am always a little behind. Maybe I should make it my thing...always a week or two behind farm...Oh well I am who I am dammit.

Sometimes I think we should change the name of our farm to two fat fucks but I guess some would find that offensive if not true. So as usual I have chosen to do something that goes against my basic grain of being lazy. Lets hope my passion for growing stuff gets my butt off the couch the good news is Tommy is being super energetic this year and helping big time to get stuff rolling!

So to sum up doing pretty well got lots of flats seeded and waiting for warmer weather still need to weed weed weed still worried about having enough for market still need to get more stuff in. Its been a challenge to work a 45 hour work week with a 45 minute commute and come home and get anything done besides pouring myself a glass of wine and turning on the idiot box. So say a little energy prayer and send it my way. signing off to go weed...sigh.