Friday, December 19, 2014

on being a murder suspect albeit briefly.

picture has nothing to do with story just like this picture of booker

Been awhile not to sure what to talk about maybe too many things going on what about something funny or maybe odd? I don't like to tell tales of woe doesn't seem to be a point sometimes. I tell enough of them in my head anyway to need to share them  Okay I know I will tell a story from a long time ago a story where I was a suspect in a murder case. Does that shock you me suspected of murder? Maybe it should maybe it shouldn't. For some reason this story popped into my head the other day driving home and I thought well that would be an interesting thing to write about. So here it goes.

It must have been my freshman year in college maybe mid winter or so I might of even been home on xmas break. My friend Andrea was over for family dinner and after dinner like many college age kids do we stepped outside on the front porch to smoke a joint. Shocked you again didn't I? So anyway Andrea and I are chatting and puffing when an unmarked car pulls up to the house and she immediately says police and I am much more na├»ve then Andrea and I think of course they are here because we are smoking a joint. (Could you imagine if a cop pulled up in front of every house in America when some 18 year lit up a joint?)

So they approach us identify themselves as detectives flash their badges etc. and ask for me. I admit to being me and they ask if my parents are home and I say yes. So they talk with my mom in the other room and then take me into the living room and start questioning me about the nice lady who lives across the street who was recently found drowned in a local reservoir foul play being suspected.

Now here is where strange coincidences occur.....So it turns out that the lady that has been found in a reservoir about 15 miles from where we live is actually my neighbor and mom to some childhood friends and also was my cheer leading coach in 6th grade. Now you might wonder why they would be questioning me was it just the normal door to door legwork murder investigations warrant? Well not quite.

See a few days before maybe even the day the poor lady's body was recovered from the reservoir a college friend and I just happened to be taking a drive to talk and listen to music and just get away from school for a bit and where did I happen to be driving my little blue Subaru yes the same reservoir. What are the chances? And when they ran my license plate and realized that I was at the scene of the crime and lived across the street well bells must have been ringing for sure. So that's how two police detectives ended up driving up to my house while Andrea and I were smoking a joint. Life is strange sometimes and yes my alibi was confirmed and I was taken off the list of suspects.

But the strange thing about the experience was that it made me feel so vulnerable that just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can get you suspected of terrible things. I am sure there is a flip side too where you are in the right place at the right time and something fabulous happens to you like you are the millionth customer at Bloomingdales or something or you get picked to star in a movie because you have the right kind of look but I don't have any of those stories to share.