Monday, July 29, 2013

Celebrating a donkeys 30th bday and other news.


My husband is one tough looking dude lots of tattoos bald head big beard but the thing you probably wouldn't realize in looking at him that he has one of the softest hearts around. Now don't get me wrong he turns into "captain asshole" on a dime but most of the times he is a big softy. Case in point I got a text on Friday from him saying lets play hooky from market tomorrow and instead drive up to Shelburne Farms its their donkey Dudley's 30th bday and they are having a party. Now my first instinct was of course to say no I am a gigantic rule follower but then I checked out the website and realized that not only was it the very cute donkeys bday but it was a day celebrating draft power. Now that's my cup of tea! So off the Vermont we went what a beautiful day for a beautiful drive here are a few pics.
not kidding really had a bday party for a donkey but hey hes 30th that's no small feat!
Birthday boy getting some well deserved scratches
great team discing away

Now why was I willing to bend the rules and skip market? Truthfully because I didn't have a hell of a lot to bring and I figured by taking a break for a week if would give everything a chance to grow. Good news looks like my plan worked and this week we should welcome beets beans and potatoes to our little offering and maybe just maybe I wont want to hide under the table like a little kid embarrassed by what they brought to show and tell.

I'm glad we went I love love love Shelburne Farms if you are from the area go and if you aren't next time you are remotely in the area go its absolutely lovely and they make some damn good cheese to boot. Tommy just keep shaking his head at me every time I ran back to him like a little kid and said babe babe guess what they are going to plow now and off I dashed with my camera to take too many pictures then back again babe babe they are going to disc now omg I am so excited. I am afraid my husband was looking at me like it was time to go to the booby hatch but what can I say I love farming I love watching people farm and even better maybe the best ever I love watching horses farm. What a great day it was.

P.S. the cake for Dudley was carrot cake (of course).


  1. Sounds like a great reason to play hooky! Dudley and his friend are so cute; the draft team is gorgeous!
    My friend had a lot of older horses and used to have 20th, 35th and 30th birthday open houses/farms for them, and that was about 20 years ago. :)

  2. It was a great day! And why not celebrate and animals bday right?