Thursday, July 4, 2013

Remembering our good and noble fight against Tyranny and waging a war of my own.

Happy 4th. I like this holiday this day of celebrating  I like when you really think about what we should be celebrating brave people standing up for themselves and their beliefs and telling big brother to go fuck themselves. I like that I like that a lot. I am lucky I am sitting on my couch in my house that has special ties to the war for independence. My house was built in 1775 and on a day like today the feeling of history is almost tangible. I was kind of missing that today until my friend Missy reminded me in her blog post today. I'm EB by the way dont know if I have ever introduced myself.

My house now the Hudson and the dredging in the background.
So far today I have waged a battle all my own not against tyranny well maybe but the tyranny of weeds. Man weeds what can you say I only wish that my plants grew like they do. You almost have to admire their tenacious ability to survive. You can admire something you dislike right? I have kept up so far weeding between and around plants but without our tiller the weeds in the paths were approaching waste high levels. So I drank a strong cup of coffee this morning and went out to do battle. I managed to weed the lettuce the chard and the beets but my hands are starting to show signs of damage from all this weeding and I knew that I was not going to be able to handle weeding 10 or so more rows so instead we decided to weed whack them. Oh it worked so well and this way the plants get air and sun but I am not disturbing their roots by pulling the gigantic weeds. So I am going to put a point for us in the win column probably a small victory in a small battle in the midst of a larger war. I am sure the weeds are plotting right now as I speak.

before (there are potatoes in there i swear)

So now the weeds have been subdued a bit and maybe just maybe if the sun stays out we can dry out the rest of the field and finish planting. Fingers crossed. Here are a few more pics.

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