Sunday, June 23, 2013

sunburned with hands stained with dirt another day in paradise.

So we were hoping to get the tiller back today so we can till and finish planting but apparently even Tim our farm machine guy needs a Sunday off every once in awhile. So instead of planting I had to switch gears and weed which trust me there is plenty which needs weeding. Especially the potatoes which are looking the best I have ever grown but are in danger of being compromised by the weeds but only a few more rows to do and then when the tiller comes back we can till down the rows and finish it up. I think I planted 3 or 4 times more potatoes than I have ever had they are great sellers for us and of course being a good chunk Irish I like my potatoes in fact as a child one of my nicknames was spud. Put a plate of french fries in front of me and you had a quiet happy child. My parents learned it quick and I earned the nickname quickly.
potato plant just getting ready to flower and yes i consider that weeded deal.
In other farm news (good news) the broccoli is starting to form heads and the beans are up and if I do say so myself its some of the prettiest beans I have ever planted. Just when I start to get frustrated and scared that I am falling too far behind a little hope will appear and my heart and head calm. Nothing like seeing something stating to make progress to reaffirm your faith that everything thing will be okay.
beans beans beans almost 100% germination oh happy day

Broccoli just forming a head only time now!
In other good news the chickens finally seem to be almost moving as one flock and maybe just maybe the range war is over. I noticed today that all 6 were moving (almost) as a unit with the babies in the front and the big girls following. That would make me happy to say the least. I know its a situation that will solve itself but its still causing me a bit of stress. So things are coming along but I am shockingly behind on some things ahead of schedule on others and holding my own on more. But like I have said time and time again when you are trying to farm even on the small micro scale I am you learn quickly that you are not in control. Not in control whatsoever and all you can really do is just change your plans fast enough to try and get something done when you are thrown curve balls one right after the other. But then just when you are getting over whelmed and you start to tell yourself to give up and stop torturing yourself you see signs of progress like the broccoli and the beans and you take a deep breath and a hot shower and pour yourself a glass of wine and think everything might not be what you thought but it is what it is and that's enough.
what the tiller has in store for us when it gets back from the shop hopefully tomorrow. cant wait to finish planting
Cant wait to finish planting well not really finish planting still have the late summer and fall planting to consider and then the plans for winter and then of course it starts all over again. I just looked in the mirror and I have one hell of a pink face I guess I forgot to put sunscreen on again as well as forgot to put gloves on. My hands are literally stained with dirt worse than ever before a shower didn't help I tried hydrogen peroxide and that didn't help then I made a scrub of hydrogen peroxide and salt and that at least made a dent. The problem is my hands are so sore from pulling 240 feet of weeds that its hard to scrub them! Oh well hopefully no one will look at my hands tomorrow at work and they will just make fun of the sunburn.

Peace and light everyone.

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