Saturday, June 15, 2013

First day at market this season and its just a name.

small but sweet offering.

Today was the first day at market for this season and as usual I was pretty nervous. I am prone to being nervous and I guess that's pretty normal in today's world its a pretty nervous kind of place. It shouldn't be the kind of nervous place it is because I think its hyped to be more than it is and I am trying to get over  it and realize bad things and good things and inconvenient things happen everyday nothing you can do but roll with it. And even when you get over one obstacle in life another one will probably take its place. When I wake up in the middle of the night and worry (like I am sure we all do) I have a mantra I say to myself first of all I call myself baby girl and say baby girl is there any thing you can do about any of this right now at this time at night and I say no...and then I say well think about something nice and a good place in your brain and go there because if there's nothing you can do about a problem right then or right now there is no sense in worrying about it. Now it doesn't always work but it helps some. 

Back to today things started off strangely they re-did the park that the market it at so everything looked a bit different and then another hiccup we brought the umbrella the umbrella stand but not the umbrella pole but thankfully we were able to relocate to the best spot ever full shade which was a good thing since all I pretty much had was lettuce and radishes and without shade would have been toast. And then Tommy wasn't feeling well got sick and went back to the car so as you can tell this day wasn't getting off to the best of starts. But I feel good I held it together I figured we were just selling some lettuce not solving any major problems and just let it roll. And it turned out fine. The day was absolutely undeniable fantastically omg unbelievably gorgeous the kind of days you dream about in the dead of winter or hell just last week. Sunny blue skies no rain and not hot with a light breeze now that's what I am talking about.  I didn't have a heck of a lot of stuff this week but what I did have was well received and even people that didn't like vegetable or made the face like yuck vegetables (hello farmers market what did you think i would sell blocks of concrete) laughed and giggled over the name of our farm and it made me feel good that at least at some level I was engaging someone. Although one guy looked at the sign read it aloud "3 Dogs Barking Farms" said it once again "3 Dogs Barking Farms" looked at me and said "3 Dogs Barking Farms" then looked at me and said I dont get it. I said it just a name. 

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