Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking our lumps and then some...our first year at farming.

So this is the year we decided to launch 3 Dogs Barking Farms and what a year to pick. I remember when I was little I used to love to watch Little House on the Prairie and no matter how hard they tried something always went wrong....the crops would fail and hailstorms would come or maybe locusts but something always happened to show man he had no control over nature. Well I think we have learned that lessen well this year. We have lived her for 6 years and never once has the river flooded well until this year right over the road the river came flooding our small 2 acre homestead but also all the surrounding farmland. So we could forget trying to get in all the early stuff the radishes the spinach the lettuce all the cool weather crops would not go in. Then follows the weeks of waiting for the land to dry out enough to be plowed and watching rain come day after day...Finally the end of may and comes a break in the weather so we rent what we think is he right equipment...wrong nowhere near up to the job of breaking ground. Thankfully a friend with an even bigger plow helps us out and plows the plot. But now it looks like the moon and is nowhere ready to plant. So we still have the tractor we rented and we till the land until its nice and flat but now the problem is everything is so compacted with so much tractor use the land is more suited to play basketball on then to plant in. So the next plan (seems like plan z at this point) is that we will use our tiller and do it by hand. Before we can get outside to do it a freak thunderstorm passes by dumping the biggest hail I ever seen on the east coast. Another just when you thought you were save message from nature i guess. So hopefully fingers crossed we will finish tilling today and tomorrow and get the transplants in this weekend and the direct sow crops in as well. Again fingers and toes crossed at this point.