Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 going out like blah

We didn't have any big plans tonight I really wanted to just be super mellow maybe have some wine knit or paint if I can find the paint brushes. I managed to find a blank canvas and my new paints the other day but so far I haven't found the brushes. You would have thought they would be together but apparently not.

I had the day off from work and I managed to sleep in and woke up to the sounds of the nearby church's bells playing some tune how nice was that? I am liking life in a small town.  My parents have a group of friends over every New Years and its one of those great stories of childhood friends getting together every year for ages like since 1960 something. Although I wasn't in the mood to go to the party my Mom asked me to make the dinner for her since she hasn't been feeling well. Beef Bourginoun for 12 coming up. So we drove to toga and the stew was made and home we came.

BUT about half way home Tommy said he had a terrible headache and could I turn the heat down. Now he never asks me to turn the heat down so I should have known something was up. About 5 miles from home on the last stretch of what I call the mountain pass that connects Greenwich and Cambridge he started throwing up. And being a mountain pass and going 50 miles an hour there really wasn't a safe place to pull over. Poor guy. So he is hanging half way out the car barfing his little brains out. While I of course try not to barf.

We made it home and I realize that although we were just planning on going down to the local pub for dinner all plans were off and I am on my own. Which is fine probably a good way for me to wrap up 2015. I can do a little writing watch some boob tube and get a pizza. I tried to call for pizza but my phone died. I went out to the car to get my charger and I figured while I was out there I would clean up the barf. Wow what a job. Now down the outside of the car instead of the usual mud splatter was barf splatter yup fine lines of barf running from the front window to the taillight. OMG.  So I opened up the door and at first I'm like cool not so bad....I started cleaning and spraying spray and I got to the hand hold of the door started to scoop it out and yes cups of barf followed now the fact that i didn't barf too was insane but I didn't I held it together and finished the stinky job up.

So now the phone is charged tried to call for a pizza but they are out of dough. I figured then i would just go to the little market and get something nope closed so I remembered the other pizza place stopped in got my small pie and made it back home. Also pub was closed so i probably been pizza for dinner anyway! Tired and paranoid I don't feel well. I hate that.

I don't mind finishing 2015 like this as long as 2016 gets a little better! Here's hoping!

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  1. It will get better. Can't get any worse. Hang in there.