Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas day feeling like any other day Oh well maybe next year.

So far on this Christmas morning I have managed to make a cup of coffee. I now I am managing to drink said coffee. I had the old its Christmas time of year vibe going for a while but right before the big day it vanished without a trace. Kind of like during sex when you think oh cool here comes the orgasm and it disappears before you reach it. No big deal though I vowed to just go with it this year to just go with how I feel. I'm not upset or depressed or pissy it just feels like a normal day to me. But I am thankful to have a nice long weekend and spend time with my family.

Yesterday my parents drove over from Saratoga for a xmas eve lunch and it was a fun time. My dad has had dental problems of late so I made some of my Dad's favorite foods that were easy on the teeth pasta fagioli and manicotti. My mom likes neither so I made sure to have some good bread and cheese on hand. Today is our day for food going to their house later to have prime rib. Funny my dad asked if I wanted bone it or bone out and I said with the bones please and he said oh for your dogs and shook his head. I said damn straight whats a better present for a dog than that? After they left I ignored the dishes and went outside with some eggnog and the dogs and watched them play in their new yard which they freaking love like only a dog can. The video is of Booker running which never fails to make me smile. Those ears!

I was feeling pretty loose after a little proseco and wine and now eggnog and I spied the playset thing that I haven't figured out what to do with yet. So I climbed up in my fort and watched the neighborhood go by and listened to Christmas carols played on the bells by the nearby church. Booker managed to get up in the fort with me Lulu didn't bother and laid down and chilled out instead. I decided the only sane way down was the slide and it was as much fun as I remember. I went for a second run.

All this was followed by a nap of the ages a light dinner or toasted baguette and butter and then back to bed.I woke again to an absence of Christmas feeling but again I am just going with it. Maybe its because Tommy and I didn't buy each other anything this year the budget was tight so we focused on getting presents for my family instead. But I don't want Christmas just to be about gifts now don't get me wrong I am pretty excited to see what Santa brought me later at my parents house but it shouldn't just get the Christmas feeling because there are tons of gifts under the tree. This needs to be about something more. I noticed late that the nearby church serves a free dinner for anyone in the county and maybe next year I will volunteer to help. I think that would help with getting the Christmas spirit flowing and maybe it would be closer to what I think Christmas should be about. Maybe I think too much.  I am going to drink coffee do a bit of writing watch something silly like the worlds strongest man on tv and relax. I don't think I am even going to do those dishes. There is always tomorrow.

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