Sunday, December 6, 2015

This one is for Katy and complacency as an art form

My sister in law just gave me a nudge that I have written in awhile and have been remiss in writing about the big move. Actually the move is still going on because I can never do anything simply.  Okay so we moved almost three weeks ago and I really meant to write a lot about it I really did but for some reason I havent written about it at all. Maybe it was too much to write about in both emotions and goofy stories about the silly things that happen to me so I just didnt write at all.

The move was crazy and of course I wasnt totally prepared and then not all our stuff fit in the truck. And instead of having them do a second run and paying for overtime i just rolled with it. Unfortunately when they left I realized that the one thing that didnt make the cut were chairs....yes chairs...luckily I had a camping chair in the car so one of us could sit down.  Lets see what is the next stupid thing that I did....Oh I failed to actually measure my washer and dryer before I moved them and yes you guessed they did not fit. So right now I have the washer hooked up the dryer is sitting in the middle of the kitchen and I am drying our clothes on a little drying rack. Who knows how long the dryer will sit where it is I have a habit of once I get used to something being somewhere I just never think about it again. Sometimes I can take complacency to a whole nother level. I think that is the word i would most use to describe myself. If awards were given out I would seriously be a contender. Or if i was a boxer or mma fighter that could be my thing.."And now fighting out of the blue corner.....elizabeth "totally complacent" Haggerty.

So after moving Frank the junk guy came out to the old house and hauled another truck load of crap. And then movers came out again a few days later and grabbed the rest of the stuff we wanted well almost I guess not all of it since I had to go there today and managed to fill my suv up to the brim with more crap and it didnt all fit so after work this week I need to make another haul and we are not even talking about what is in the garage. I am afraid look.  And yes we do need to have Frank the junk guy out one more time. If anyone could make moving the most drawn out complicated process ever I think I really nailed it.

Now to unpacking....I unpacked the first couple of days so I could cook etc and then I just pretty much stopped. My mom and dad came by yesterday to take me and Tommy down to Foggy Notions for lunch and the look on my moms face when she realized not much had changed in a week. Oh well all in my own time right? The be fair to me by the time I get home from work all I can really manage is making dinner having a glass of wine and relaxing also if there is any kind of impediment to doing something I just stop. Like for instance I couldnt put any of the million of books i have away because I wanted to paint the bookcases first same story with the china cant put that away until I paint the hutch. Good news yesterday I painted the bookcases so now I just have to put the books away. But I know there is no way all the books are fitting. But do what I can with what I have of guess

So now that I have painted myself as the MOST lazy procrasinating person ever I will say this. I love this house I love it so much I almost have to pinch myself every time I pull into the driveway. The dogs are having a blast sitting in various windows barking at everything from cats to squirrels to people to leaves.....They are happy.  The cats seem content too and everyone seems to be living as one cohesive unit instead the cats here the dogs there...Its nice.

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