Sunday, August 12, 2012

David vs Goliath or so it seems

So as the weeks have been going by this summer at market we seem to be finding our way and carving out our small little niche at our farmers market. Our first small goal in getting to market this year was to make enough money to be able to go out to lunch after to have some good food talk about what went well what could be improved upon have a few beers etc etc and I am happy to report that we have accomplished that goal. Yay! If you know me personally you know that one of my favorite things in the whole wide world is going out to lunch I think sometimes I even prefer it to going out to dinner oh who am I kidding I just love going out. So small goals set and small goals achieved its a beginning.....

The big news at market this week is one of the big guns has decided to come to Saturdays market. I first met this news with a sickening feeling in my belly but as I filed the news in the "well there's nothing you can do so stop whining file" I reasoned that it would be good for us in the long run. Our market is on the small side and is due south of one of the most popular markets not only in the region but in the country I think Saratoga was voted the 2nd most popular market in the U.S. last year so we could use all the draw we can get. I figure the more that people can trust our market to be able to find what they are looking for the more they will come and the big gun that showed up (for the sake of this blog I will call them farm x) should be a good draw. But I must say it was a little disheartening to see him unload his 27 totes of vegies and look down at my own 4 small ones. But oh well we are who we are just accept it and go on right? 

The most amusing thing about this whole thing is went I went over to chat him up and scope out his stand he referred to himself as being one of the small guys well I guess that's true to some extent in the grand scheme of things but dude I grow food out of my backyard now that's SMALL! I mean if someone with multiple acres under cultivation calls themselves small or micro what the hell am I nano? Surprisingly although he was 3 or 4 deep all day with people clamoring to buy his wares we still did just fine and it did not seem to hurt us much after all and yes we went out to lunch after. So its all good!

Now on the positive side to all this I now have a very CLEAR picture of what I want our stand to look like I might never achieve it but I figure if I set a series of small goals for us and our small farm we might just get there. So I spent 4 hours in the garden today planting for fall being so motivated and clear headed I even surprised myself. So here's to what I planted today everyone send some positive grow vibes our way and here's to Davey nipping at Goliath's proverbial heels.