Sunday, August 4, 2013

Degrees of failure and yes we finally have vegetables.

Finally after a week off from market things are starting to pop and for the first time all year we had a nice table and we just about sold out. Nothing beats going to market seeing a good crowd selling almost everything and enjoying a beautiful day. I ran out of time in the morning picking stuff and I left Romaine and Haricots Verts to be picked for next week so I am optimistic (fingers crossed) that next week can be even better. 

The first potatoes are ready these are red thumb, red norlands and german butterball. Glad I planted as many as I did its one thing I did right this year. Although you can't imagine how dirty I got digging them in the rain the other day. But things are finally looking up but I am being cautious in my optimism I cant see into the future so I have no idea about what problems are coming my way. I was turned onto this post the other day farm drama written by Shannon Hayes and this quote in particular really struck a note:
That’s farm drama. It happens every other week during the growing season, every few hours during lambing season (which is now) and haying season (which is starting). If any of us truly sought sympathy, we would be wasting time seeking it from each other, much less any other farmer. This degree of failure is just part of the day for folks like us, and any sad stories are likely to be easily one-upped by the next farmer".  
I love this quote it pretty much sums it all up even at market you hear the undertones of panic people telling the tales of misfortune of some person they know who's field was decimated by deer or the other guy who lost huge fields to blight and you just pray that the bad luck doesn't come your way. You know its out there you just don't know when its going to come knocking on your door. But I am trying to stay positive and not let fear get the better of me. Signing off now to go plant for fall and trying to sneak some last summer crops in too a bit of a gamble but what the hell it might pan out it might not only seeds and labor right?