Thursday, August 29, 2013

Was this Caravaggio's favorite time of year I think it must have been.

We have arrived at that strange time of year where its still summer and things are so full of life but you can see the end coming. Things are starting to decay almost like a blight is edging closer gobbling up the green abundance of summer. It dawned on me the other morning on my way to work that I bet this was Caravaggio's favorite time of year. One thing I always have loved about his work is that even in painting a still life the fruit is a little bruised the leaves a little yellow showing a little disease. I think Caravaggio was really into portraying the cycle of life and he seemed to love to capture things just past their prime descending into decline and death. He always showed the dirtiness of life too most artists paint people with clean feet not good ole Caravaggio he painted dirty feet he was the real deal and told it like it is. Yes he is one of my favorite artists could you tell? I like a little dark side with my sun.


  1. I used to paint fruit and bread but they just didn't sell around here like landscapes or animals. Maybe in the old days people were actually hungry for fruit and it was something they like to look at where we are too fat and happy to get into it. I like them because they are fun to paint, are very good practice for shadows and then you can eat your subjects!

    1. I agree I used to paint and still lifes are such a great learning tool!