Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trying "Normal" on for size and maybe its not always about me.

We almost had an offer on the house. Almost but they backed away when they came to their senses. But at least its a step in the right direction and I had a feeling of hope for a short while at least. But getting the offer got me to thinking what if they really do buy the house where are you going to go? Yikes good question. I played with the idea of moving my husband two dogs and four cats into my parents basement but that really just doesn't sound very plausible I mean someone is not coming out of that one alive.

Now when I originally started getting my head around leaving here and started to drive around upstate NY looking for home there were plenty of options that had a nice small house and at least 5 acres.  For some reason the 5 acres was super important to me why because I didn't want lack of land to hold me back if i suddenly woke up and wanted to be a goat farmer or have a horse at home which is the holy grail of lifetime dreams for me and then there is this whole Gone with the wind thing land is the most important thing thing.

So anyway for the past year and a half I have been looking for land. I even went so far a week or so ago to consider 50 acres and a rustic cabin. That went out the window when I went to look at the property and my 4 wheel drive little Honda couldn't actually make it up the crazy road leading to the rustic cabin. It had one hell of a view but i wisely said hell I cant live there if I cant drive there. What am I going to do zip line in with groceries?  Over lunch one lazy Sunday i was telling my mom about this 50 acres and she was being really supportive as always but I could tell she was really thinking why cant you just be normal. Why does everything have to be difficult what are you trying to prove?

My other plan was to buy land and build a small house but really do I have the patience now to go through all that permits and problems and worrying about the budget so this past weekend I had a serious talk with myself and I said you know the town you want to live in and since for some reason there is not one house in your price range with the land you want so why don't we switch directions and look in town. Wow town could life really be that easy? Actually live somewhere where someone might deliver Chinese or pizza? Be able to walk somewhere besides deeper into the bush? Now don't get me wrong I am not sure I am going to be able to handle this but with Tommy's health problems making him live in the country without a car and with no where to go is probably not the best recipe for a happy marriage. I guess it shouldn't always about me.

So onto the wonderful web I went and low and behold I found a little Greek Revival on a quiet street a block or so from town with a nice big almost half acre back yard. So I could garden my little heart out and the yard is already fenced in for dogs so Booker could actually run free instead of being tied up when he is outside because of his flight risk status. There is even room for a pool not a pony but a pool if we wanted. The house has the classic clean lines and character i love and doesn't seem to be in bad shape needs a new kitchen but to be honest any house I move into needs a new kitchen. There is even a man room for Tommy. And wait for it....i can afford it...GASP! Oh and I can bring my chickens too.

So here is to thinking about moving to town it popped into my head the other day that I have been hiding for 10 years in the country. As I was talking to myself and I said to myself haven't you hid long enough? Hmmm wonder what I have been hiding from?