Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pit bulls and chickens don't mix

So we have had our first farm fatality today or so we think. I had let the chickens out when I left for work because they hate being shut in their run and they yell at me constantly till I give in.  Usually when I let them out I text Tommy that they are out so he makes sure he doesn't let the dogs out. Well guess what I forgot to do today?

So here is a picture of our birds there are four of them pictured and now apparently there are only three. My cute little pup lulu when she was let out chased all four chicken to the far reaches of the globe and only 3 have come back.
Oh well lessoned learned pit bulls cant resist chasing down a chicken. You live and you learn. Sorry poor little chickie hope it was quick.


  1. This isn't a Pit Bull thing, it's a dog thing (and poor Pitties have a bad enough rap). Most dogs can't resist chasing something that runs, it's their instinct. If you want a breed that doesn't chase look at the Livestock Guardian breeds (Anatolian, Great Pyrenees, Kuvasz, Maremma...) who have been breed for centuries to not chase but to protect.

    1. It was my fault not hers for forgetting to tell my husband I had let them out! I know she was just doing what dogs do!