Thursday, May 2, 2013

When did I get 3 chins and finally its planting time!

The planting has finally begun! The weekend before last we put some of the snow peas in. I am super excited this year I will have not only the normal run of the mill green ones but purple and yellow too. Now that would make one hell of an exciting stir-fry don't you think? We planted about a 1/4 of the bed figuring I would sow every two weeks hopefully for a nice succession of snow peas. As usual here's hoping and fingers crossed the earthworms don't eat them!

The pea fence on the left and the radish, lettuce, arugula bed on the right before planting.
Me inoculating the peas while Booker watches see what I mean about the chins?
This past weekend I transplanted some spinach and seeded some radish, lettuce, and arugula. And now the work really begins the potatoes and shallots have arrived which means we have a ton or work ahead of us this weekend. We did really well with potatoes last year at market and I never got to actually eat any which is frankly ridiculous so this year we are planting maybe three times as much frankly I cannot remember. So along with the potatoes we are going to try and get the onions, shallots, carrots, chard, head lettuce, cabbage, celery, and beets in as well. That is an huge amount for me to get in the ground in one weekend but hopefully with enough ice coffee and with the promise of naps at the end of it all I can get it done. Tommy better get tilling we need some rows done!

Here are some pics!


pea row with dairy farm in background

first of six raised beds finished for the high tunnel

Lucky to have lots of planes near by that love to buzz the house.

farmer and tractor
booker and stick
Lulu smiling.

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