Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You can't place an order with Mother Nature.

I cant remember when the it rained last. And this time of year that is not a good thing but fingers crossed looks like we will have a few days of rain coming up forecast looks like anywhere from 1/4" to and 1 1/2" whatever it is I will take it. I don't really mind watering by hand but when I have to do it after work it lessens my ability to get anything else done and trust me there is A LOT that needs doing. So far we have managed to plant 4 new apple trees, a nice row of peas, a row of beets, transplanted a flat of swiss chard, and a nice bed of leaf lettuce, radishes, arugula, spinach and head lettuce. The swiss chard and lettuce I had to transplant in the bright sun which I hate doing but fingers crossed things are still alive out there and are showing signs of new growth.

progress so far and a pretty sunset

So what's on the to do list? Oh boy you had to ask! Potatoes, onions, and shallots are going in next I keep saying that I will do a row of potatoes every night when I get home but somehow its just not happening. So hopefully all that will get in the ground on Saturday (again large amounts of iced coffee and the promise of naps will be needed) and on Sunday I can transplant broccoli, cabbage, celery and parsley as well as get the raised beds finished in the high tunnel so we can transplant the absolutely gorgeous tomatoes we have ready to go. Seriously some of the best looking tomatoes I have ever grown and I have been starting my own tomatoes since college. 
what we have left to do oh boy you would think its never been tilled!
Trying to wrap my pea little brain around succession planting this year and to my credit I have managed to get not one but two plantings of peas in! I plan on one more or maybe even two depending on time and weather. I need to start some more head lettuce in flats tonight and keep that up every week or so for the next couple of weeks also need to plant more radish and leaf lettuce this week just need to find a place to put them! 

Always a new challenge ahead or something new to learn about or something new to grow one of the things I like best about this little endeavor of ours. One thing you need to do when you are growing food is roll with the punches you just have no idea what Mother Nature has in store for you. I started the year out praying for a few sunny days only to have weeks of sun show up but you cant say to nature hey that's not quite what I meant didn't you read between the lines I meant some nice sunny days interrupted periodically by nice soaking rain showers. And now I have been hoping and hoping for rain and in looking at the forecast it now looks like we might not see the sun for another week or two. As the ancient chinese proverb states be careful what you wish for!

Happy Farming everyone!

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