Monday, May 20, 2013

Day one of vacation planting potatoes and lulu in the grass.

So today was the first day of vacation well the first day of vacation from my day job. And let me tell you I am tired. I slept in today mainly because I was having some really great dreams and I didn't want to wake up. But eventually you have to get up if you know what I mean. So once a very large iced coffee was procured it was time to finally plant the potatoes. I know I know its late but sometimes things get in the ground when they get in the ground. I have tried to learn to roll with it. Maybe it will be good that they get in late maybe it will be a disaster I don't know only time will tell. It almost broke me to get these in I think I even burst into tears at one point but I gathered myself back together and continued to work on. Sometimes you have to dig deep seriously deep. I cant tell you how dirty I was. When I plant I plant hands on I have no problem sitting in the dirt if that's what feels right hell I have even been known to lay down in the dirt to get it done. I have a soon to be patented butt scooch method of planting when I have time you can sometimes see that pattern of my bum scooching through the dirt making a pattern all its own. Today there was no time to butt scooch I had to plant like a grown up. Dammit. Can't tell you how dirty I was when I came in. I got in the tub with only a few inches of water because I didn't have the patience to wait after I scrubbed I had to let the water drain out and start over again the water was so dirty. Again its a good thing i like playing in the dirt. I sure am good at it.

So on to everything else that needs to be planted....more radishes, more lettuce, kale, more beets, more chard, beans, celery, parsley, more cabbage, cukes, zukes, tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers and I there are probably things I am forgetting. Hopefully can get it done in a day and a half but I doubt it the mower died today too which will make tilling more difficult if we cant get the grass/weeds down first and now we don't have a way to get the dirt from the pile in the driveway into the raised beds in the high tunnel. Tomatoes/peppers/eggplant are dying to get in I just hope we can find a way to make it happen. I guess a wheel barrow by hand is going to be how it happens.

But on a lighter note here are some pictures of the progress so far and a few of the pups watching me work from the shady nook of the apple trees.
Lulu under the apple trees.

Booker watching lulu under the apple trees


radishes almost ready

salad mix

snow peas


Booker in the foreground and if you look hard enough you can see Lulu  playing tiger in the grass

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