Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring is coming and trying to roll with it.

Okay it begins....seeds have been started plans have been laid but if I learned anything last year is that like the old saying goes the best laid plans etc... I am still working full time at a job I am less than thrilled with but hey it pays the bills and in this economy that is saying something but in between phone calls where I talk about paper and process orders about paper I try and plan my plans. I walk around somewhat dazed muttering okay well if you want to produce this out of the high tunnel by this date you have to do this by this date honestly people at work probably think I am either a little touched or maybe just plain crazy. I'm fine with that.

So the seed orders have started to arrive and I am trying to get organized but did I really get 4 different kinds of Broccoli? Why 4? I wonder what I was thinking what made me pick 4 but at this point I really can't second guess myself and I just need to trust all the work and all the research that I have done over that past couple of months and roll with it. Funny thing is I also picked 4 different Eggplants but I don't wonder about that I know just why I picked each and everyone of them. And lets not even talk about tomatoes I had to make a freaking chart to get my brain around the tomatoes. At dinner last night my Dad asked me a question about what gets seeded next (I start our seeds in his basement) and I pulled my plan out of my purse (its on pink paper too a perk from work). Yes that's right I carry it with me. I pulled it out again at breakfast today just to kind of ground myself. I fantasize about getting those big post it sheets they use on easels at work when they are brain storming I can picture in my mind my dining room walls lined with big notes every 2 weeks plant this every 3 weeks plant this and of course a really big one that says WEED WEED WEED. Its a dream but it might just happen. My husband on the way to dinner last night asked me if I dreamed about vegetables I answered near enough I mutter about them all day long.

I hope in the near future to start sharing some recipes and thoughts about food but every time I start out I realize I have a recipe for nothing its all in my head and I never do anything the same way twice (when did I become like someones grandmother?). Oh well maybe that's just not for me but food and my love of food is really why I started to want to grow some of my own. I mean I have been hosting dinner parties since I was 15 and nothing pleases me more then to cook for people. So maybe I will try and make something the same way twice and maybe even put it on paper and share. I have been without a stove for the past couple of weeks and have managed to turn out some pretty awesome food on a single electric burner so maybe that will be my angle "hey don't have a stove don't worry you can still make chicken curry"!