Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Arrested Developement and looking for a time machine.

So here is a funny one....Tonight I am going with my parents to a posh cocktail party for the opening of the ballet season at SPAC and as I was getting dressed I was wondering to myself if my outfit was chic enough and if my mother would be disappointed with what I chose to wear. So as I am drying my hair I was having one of those internal arguments you have in your head with people and as I was replying to some snippy comment my mom made about my outfit (okay my mom is awesome this anxiety is all on me I am sure she will think I look fine although I might get a bit of an eye roll over my outfit) I said "I don't have time to grow up right now". WOW calling Dr. Freud holy Freudian slip. Of course I meant to say I don't have time to dress up right now which is a ridiculous thing to say anyway. Can I make any more excuses about my life? So apparently I don't think I am grown up and I am 45 years old. Again WOW!

This calls for some soul searching I think. Maybe I need to start meditating and figure out what's going on up there in the old subconscious.  I mean things are not ideal right now actually they are pretty freaking tough but I think the issues go back a bit farther than what's going on right now. Again duh of course this is all rooted somewhere back in time.... Anyone have a time machine I can borrow and a magnifying glass? Oh well as the old man Socrates says the unexamined life is not worth living...You can say that again. Wish me luck....

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