Sunday, October 30, 2016

Perfect day in a tiny town.

14590262_10209691639441035_7714215384089756008_nWhat can I say? This town as an old friend pointed out to me recently is paradise. Paradise? Well maybe pretty damn close. So far today has been one of those days, those nice days where nothing of import happens  but you end up remembering anyway.  I slept in which is a treat after a long week working for the man. I remembered that I needed to go to the hardware store to pick up chicken feed or I would be in danger of facing a chicken rebellion. Tommy was having a good day and I could tell he wanted to get out of the house for a bit I figured we would go to the farmers market too as my belly rumbled in hunger remembering the baker and their wonderful bread.
To my great surprise Tommy got out of the car and actually  went to the farmer’s market. A 9 piece or so band was playing celtic airs and reels in the background as we bought bread for lunch and a pastry for breakfast to share. As usual we bickered about the amount of pastries we should buy and I overruled Tommy and we just got one. We chilled out at a picnic table sharing our apricot pastry listening and watching the music being played. I sighed to myself and said well it doesn’t get much better than this does it? The baker laughed as I went up to get another pastry this time a chocolate croissant I don’t know why I argue sometimes I should have known we needed two from the start. It was one of the nicest moments the two of us have shared in a long time. With his illness times like these have been far and in between.
Next stop was the food coop Tommy of course wanted steaks for dinner so we compromised on burgers instead paired with some prime brussels spouts and dinner is planned. The hardware store on the way back home chickens taken care of and the revolt was narrowly avoided the lead chicken, a big Rhode Island Red, gave me a warning look that said dont let this happen again . I made a quick-lunch of thick slices of that wonderful bread and some bacon I had in the fridge. Simple but yummy.
As I was cooking lunch my door bell booker was barking his head off enough for me to actually come out and see what is was going on about and there was a woman at the door. I opened the door and lo and behold a very lovely Jehovah’s Witness was there. She introduced herself and started telling her tale. She didn’t think it was funny when she asked me where I found my salvation and I replied a wine bottle. Well I thought it was funny I guess I misjudged my audience. So I was kind attentive and polite but it wasnt long before the fact that I was an atheist came up and she got that look in her eye you know that look the I can crack this nut look. She asked if I had time now to talk about it and I said no but that I would be more than happy to take her literature. She warned me that she would be back to talk to me about my lack of faith especially when she asked me if I had ever had any faith and I said never. She asked when she a good time to come back was and of course being me I said in the afternoons. Let Tommy deal with that I will be safely ensconced at work not being rescued.
So now I am curled up on the couch with Booker and Lulu contemplating the leaves that cover my yard and wishing that a very very strong wind would come and blow them all away. If wishes were fishes…….