Saturday, February 23, 2013

Waking up and getting going.

So my last post was about napping my way through winter well I decided today it was time to wake up and get this season started. So Tommy and I went to the organic store this morning and got some seed starting supplies and some new growing medium which I am really excited to try.

And it I was going to start the onions but then I did the math and realized I need 5 flats of onions which I don't have the room to start here so instead I will start them in my parents basement later today when we go over there for family dinner. Tonight I am making everyone beef stew cant wait it should be yummy. The second thing that kicked off time to wake up day was I took Lulu for a nice hour long walk out back and explored the 196 acre plot of land that surrounds our house in more depth than I have in the 8 years and change that we have lived here. Its for sale and I dream that I have the 1.3 million bucks to buy it man I would be in the big time then.I just hope another dairy farm buys it and saves it from development. This area doesn't need any more freaking development. So if you know anyone with some change in the bank and looking for a beautiful piece of land point them our way. 

Here are some pics from the walk it was a great walk it reminded me of the kind of walks and adventures I used to take as a child. The kind of walk where you try to get lost and transport yourself to a different place maybe even a different place in time. I tried to get some pictures of Lulu but she was too busy running around with her nose to the ground sniffing everything she could find I think you can see a little brown dot in the above photo. I even managed to climb a fence fall into a creek and get stuck in some barbed wire so you see it was a great walk indeed. 

So Tommy and I are off to my parents in Saratoga to make a stew and get a start on the season. Here are some pictures of the seeds for this year I love this time in the season the seeds have arrived the plans have been drawn up and its getting time to get our hands back in the dirt. 

Seeds from last year!

growing wheat for the first time cant wait so excited!

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