Friday, February 1, 2013

Potatoes and Happiness and NOFA-NY WC2013

On the farm side of things the potatoes have been ordered! They were such a great seller for us last year that I actually didn't get to eat one so this year I am planting 3 times as much because dammit I should grow enough so I can eat my own potatoes. The farm plans for this year are coming into focus and I am probably a week away from ordering the seeds and getting things finalized. I love this time of year. I haven't messed up yet and things are hopeful! I have the seed starting and transplant schedule down with time added in for my procrastination factor see I am learning! I think this year I am going to take one of those big desk calenders and put it on the wall with what I actually have to do each day maybe if I see a visual it will help me get going! That's the thing about life you have to learn at some point who you are and what you are good at and bad at not always sure about what I am good at besides drinking wine and taking naps but I am very familiar with the things I have to work on! Ha! So onward and upward to becoming a slightly better version of myself.

This past week I attended my 3rd NOFA-NY winter conference. If you care about food and the people who grow it and you are not a member please become one they do such awesome work and are pretty much single-handedly responsible for me and 3dogs being as far a long at this farming thing as we are. Check them out when you get a chance the world is a better place because of organizations like NOFA-NY.  So I had a great time met some great people which you always do people are just so freaking friendly even my snarky ass comes out of my shell and is chatty. Its crazy nuts! I learned a ton as always took about 8 hours worth of classes on soil  and I don't think I have even really scratched the surface. But I have some great ideas how to improve my soil and in turn make my plants healthier and more disease and pest resistant. Even if you are a home gardener or just love talking about growing food consider going next year there are lots of classes on everything from food policy to making your own beer. Whats better than that?

Okay on to happiness. I flashed back the other day on my way home to probably 1988 or 89ish (yes gasp I'm old) anyway I was hanging out at my favorite bar and my super secret crush Bruce the bartender (it wasn't a very secret crush I followed him around like a puppy dog drooling) was trying to tell me in a polite way he wasn't interested and I was of course ignoring the very obvious message as only a 19 year old can do. So to the point of the story during this awkward conversation where he probably mentioned that it wasn't me it was him he asked me what my goals in life were. I thought about it (lots of pressure) and all I could come up with was I just want to be happy. He scoffed at me and said you just want to be happy what on earth does that mean. I said its simple really I just want to be happy. I am not sure what he expected me to say maybe that I wanted to become an astronaut or maybe a rodeo clown who knows but he really couldn't deal with my very simple answer. People are funny but seriously what other goal should you have besides the simple goal of being happy? It leaves everything open to you even being an astronaut as long as it makes you happy. Simple as pie.

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