Monday, February 18, 2013

wake me when winter is over.....

I know we have a way to go with this stuff called winter but I have officially had enough. So if anyone out there has any magical powers now is the time to use them. I have been sleeping a lot on weekends even more than usual and I think I am subconsciously trying to hibernate. I think I secretly think if I just take enough naps one time I will wake up and it will be spring. Well I guess that's true in a way and it would be neat to go to sleep in winter and wake up in spring but I doubt even I could take that long of a nap. I also think I hunker down this time of year because I know whats coming and whats coming is a whole lot of work. Not that I really mind all the work because if you mind work growing food ain't for you its just that I know once the season really gets rolling I go from 2 days off a week to zero. Again its okay not complaining its my choice but I swear I am trying to store up nap-power now!

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