Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Playing finding waldo in the spinach bed and a few days of fun in nyc.

What a strange spring it has been dry hot cold frost got no rain lots of rain cold hot cold hot needless to say this isn't optimal conditions to grow anything well except weeds the weeds seem to be doing fine. It is taking forever for things to germinate I seeded beets the first week of May and they are just finally starting to pop seriously over 3 weeks to germinate that's just crazy talk. Same goes for the spinach I know I planted it I know its there now I just have to find it. Its like looking for freaking Waldo. So far radishes are my favorite thing to plant this year you put them in they pop in a couple of days nice and reliably and they don't seem to really care about the weather.

First Radishes of the year!

In other farm news we got 5 new chickens this week they are so super cute I love juvenile birds they looks so alien with their little bodies and big feet! So far only one is getting bullied by the two older hens but hopefully that wont last long. I hate to see anything picked on but I realize it is the nature of things. They should start laying by this fall and then I can get my nano-egg business back off the ground!

New chicken! All feet!
So after a few days of hard manual labor my mom and I took off for a few days in NYC. Nice days spent looking at art and eating great food and drinking nice wine followed by some of the best ballet I have seen in my life accompanied by more great food and drink. It was a nice change of scenery and I am lucky to be able to leave Tommy behind to take care of things while I go have some fun. Hes a good egg. Here are some pictures taken in the Met first time I brought a camera in and I totally geeked out.

falcon (I think) landing outside the members dining room looking over central park

Think I need to try and do and painting of this
Funny thing on this one my camera kept telling me the subject was blinking his eye!
floating heads in space.
mom and a tushy

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