Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Almost time to get planting and introducing the new puppy Booker.

Photo: farmers fields

We mowed part of the garden the other day in order to get ready to start planting. Depending on the weather we might try and get the peas in soon hopefully it wont rain too much during the next couple of days. I like the picture above its such a spring picture everything is still brown but you can start to see the green popping through. Only a matter of time before its so green you cant get your head around how brown it was just a short time ago. Funny how fast we leave winter behind.

When I started this farm in my backyard we had 3 dogs so logically I named it 3 dogs barking farms well we lost two of them last year and we were down to only one dog who only sometime barked. But I am happy to announce we have a new puppy his name is Booker or aka "the tiny terror" here is a picture of him looking sad at being tied up.

Photo: booker looking cute

He is lucky he is so cute because he really is a puppy in every sense of the word good and bad. So here is to having 2 dogs once again and I am hoping he is a mad chaser of voles, voles are on my hit list this year! They ate my fall beets last year and as you can tell I am still bitter about it. In other farm type news we are still seeding away like mad with more to do it seems everyday. My dining room table is now working double time as a potting bench. Oh one day maybe we will have a small greenhouse so my dining room can be an actual dining room! Oh and I sold our first dozen eggs today at work! Oh cool is that!

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