Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Baby its cold out there and oh by the way happy new year.

pic nothing to do with blog but i like this pic of Booker

Happy New Year. Personally I am looking forward to this shiny new year so far all I have managed is to watch TV make and eat food and nap. Hey not a bad start right? Last night Tommy and I went to my parents house to their annual new years eve party. They are really special people and have a great group of friends the core group are a handful of guys my Dad grew up with (how cool is that they are in the seventies and still hang out and love each other) add their wives and people they have met along the way and you have a really great group of people. Artists, retired businessmen, writers, teachers, a retired doctor thrown in what a fascinating crowd. I love to cook and love to cook for a large crowd so after work yesterday I came home to change give the pups a kiss and pick up Tommy and off we went to cook dinner for 18. Dinner went well everyone seemed to enjoy it and the best part was that I made roast pork and we had plenty left over to make Cuban sandwiches today for lunch. Now that's how you kick off the new year dammit. It is cold out and a storm is coming could be anyway from 7 to 15 inches of snow over the next few days. I love snow but I don't like taking care of chickens and battling my way to the coop or trying to get to work over 40 miles away. But that's life.

Chili is on the stove as I mentioned its cold outside and what is better when its cold out that chili? Got me. Spent a nice day today just totaling relaxing making food watching stupid TV and napping with the dogs just what I need to recharge for a new year. 2013 ended with sad news my grandmother Dot died on Monday but more sad for us than for her she was 102 and had wanted to die now for a few years. She was a great lady and lived a hopefully fulfilling  life. She was one of the most practical down to earth people I know so practical that she said she wanted to "go" before the next billing cycle at the assisted living home she was at. Now that's my Grandma Dot wish I was more like her hopefully I will have time to try to be.

Looking for to the future the vegetable growing enterprise went less than well last year and I am already planning on this upcoming year to try to do better. We invested (okay really my dad) on some new equipment which should help and Tommy has promised to be more helpful this year so fingers crossed some crazy weather plan wont present itself and I can grow some decent food for people. Cant wait to keep creating I love writing this blog, taking photographs, growing vegetable and raising chickens but hope to branch out in a few new directions to ramp up the creating. I am really seriously beginning to think that the key to happiness is creating. I think its essential to the soul. So here is to the new year with all its promise.
Many blessings peace and light to you and yours.

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