Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Christmas traditions and small Christmas moments.

Christmas is almost here and I finally managed to finish decorating the tree yesterday. This is a new ornament I bought this year and I love it there is a black one too (of course) but he didn't photograph as well. That's a new tradition for us that I am loving this time of year Tommy and I drive over to Gardenworks in Salem and buy a few new ornaments, some local yarn to improve my knitting skills on and cheese. The local cheese selection is off the hook and as a cheese addict its hard for me to get out of there with just one selection. So this year it was a black and white sheep which was apropos since we had just come from a great visit at Bedlam Farm finished with lunch at the Burger Den nice day all around.

I started the season without really feeling it and the feeling is ramping up a bit as we get closer to xmas. This year for the first time Tommy and I were able to buy each other multiple gifts something we haven't done in years.  Tommy has no patience whatsoever so I wonder how many times he will try and get me to open my gifts early. He already asked me if I had guessed what they where and I said no no I can wait. He is too cute sometimes usually a grinch but when I was putting the lights on the tree he kept saying hurry up hurry up turn them on and he smiles every time he looks at it.

This week was our christmas party at work and they have a raffle amongst other holiday good works that they offer this time the prizes where a trip to ireland (the owners have a house there) a tv a trip to ny and a dinner out. I got burned bad last year so I dd not participate in the raffle basically the owner gave away like 3 or 4 trips to ireland (many more than he was supposed to) and then he goes next prize is a dinner with betty gressler and her husband at her house. Everyone laughs and he pulls a ticket and yes it had my name on it. So the room erupts in laughter I turn pink and try to be a good sport. Only me I say only me. So this year I didn't need the stress so I said forget it and honestly I forgot to bring a twenty with me to work. But this year the story was a sweet one. We have a great cleaner at work named Charles who just has a huge heart (the other day in that snow storm we all went out to our cars to find them cleaned off by charles) anyway he has been saying that he was going to win that damn trip and take his wife of 10 years to Ireland. We all laughed and said that would be great....So as the boss man owner was pulling the winning ticket I noticed he was kind of fishing for something and out he pulled Charles' name. During the eruption of applause that followed his name being called the secretary who ran the raffle leaned over to the boss man and said that was one of the ticket you bought Charles. What a moment the big man Charles started to cry and ran out of the room. Second time in a row the winner has burst into tears and ran out of the room last year it was the 5'3" 20 year receptionist this year was the 6'5" office cleaner. I guess size doesn't matter when it comes to tears of surprise and joy. It was a nice christmas moment it made me cry.

So christmas is only a few more days away I only have to work Monday and Friday so it should be a nice relaxing week. My brother and his family will drive up on xmas ever and I am excited to spend some time with them. Funny every time they visit (well maybe not every time) my brother says hes going out to do an errand and doesn't return for a few hours not sure if he goes to the movies or what but we call it ghosting. Wheres Dave did he ghost again? When was the last time anyone saw Dave? Wait is he taking a nap? Nope cars not here he pulled a ghost again. So this year my sister in law Katy (who I am so thankful for never know what you are going to get as a sister in law I pulled a jackpot with her) are going to engineer her to disappear and I am going to pick her up and we are going to take the beautiful drive from Saratoga to Cambridge NY get in a little last minute shopping at Battenkill Books and maybe find a gin mill to raise a holiday toast and then back to friends and family for xmas eve. So looking forward to it hope we can pull it off. So here's to feeling the xmas spirit a little more each day and to have a light workload and to having many naps with the pups!

war admiral chasing sea biscuit

my favorite campy ornament

we put the tree up on a table otherwise booker the puppy would have it eaten in probably 20 seconds.

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