Friday, January 1, 2016

Good vs Evil, today was a good day and may the force be with you...always.

I know the picture has nothing to do with the story but I recently downloaded 500 pics or so from my Camera and I like this one from Cohasset MA a year or so ago. 

What a pleasant start to the new year was today.

Slept in till 9:30 with Tommy letting the dogs out at six so they could come back to bed for what I call "schnuggles" not sure where I got that from maybe a mix between snuggle and cuddle but whatever it is I can yell it and they will come running. The schnuggles are one of the many things that keep me sane.

Made a cup of coffee and tried to figure out a place to go to breakfast but it was either too late or things were a brunch which was out of budget so I offered Tommy a compromise I will got to the market get fixings for breakfast and then we will go to the movies. He being a wise man took me up on the offer and to the market I went, breakfast made and eaten.

Now the movie I wanted to see was the new Star Wars. Okay I was 7 when the first one came out and my mom somehow arranged to take the whole neighborhood thus changing the lives of many young people forever. So needless to say the original trilogy is yes HUGE to me. This i have kept a secret of late not talking about it not seeming excited about it honestly I tried to keep myself from even knowing about it less I get too excited and then disappointed when another sham with jar jar binks or whatever was unleashed on me. But I cautiously read the reviews and when I heard that critics were move to tears I said okay maybe this wont be corny maybe this will be okay.

Good news the closest movie theater albeit in a different state was only 15 miles or so away and a beautiful 15 miles at that. I felt bad when we got there because I lost patience with Tommy for not being able to not fall down. Now my poor husband has a brain problem right now with too much cerebral fluid on the old noggin and some days are better than others and some days when he tries to walk he honestly looks like hes drunk as a skunk. As humans I think we all have that thing that thing that is our downfall the thing that leads to our weakest moments as humans and mine well mine is I hate to be embarrassed in front of large crowds of people I don't know. So we we entered the movie theater and tommy started doing his whole arms windmilling going to knock and old lady down routine I basically stood him up against a wall and said stay.Oh the looks I got some of what a bitch some with pity and so on. I swear I need to get him or maybe us tshirts his can say "I'm not drunk I have a brain problem" and mine can say "I'm with a tbi instead I'm with stupid".

Anyway popcorn and soda and seats all happened without further ado the movie was more than I expected and I can honestly say if I was alone I would have cried like a freaking baby. But i felt vindicated when i saw the guy in front of me who was probably my age wipe the tears from his face when Han appears. To see those beloved characters again without it being campy and sad was more than I hoped for. It was magical to be taken back into that story in such a right way. And then it turns out the bad guy is played by Adam by FAVORITE character in "Girls". So needless to say I was in heaven. Cant wait to go with my Mom its a movie she needs to see in the theater.

Now part of me said well its the same story over and over again but isn't it always? These stories of good vs evil are told endless times endless different ways and have to be one of the main archetypes of the human experience. So i say keep telling that damn story and its okay if evil wins here and there just make sure every once and awhile good kicks some freaking butt.

We followed this all up with dinner at the Burger Den. Sometimes life is good and yes I am too paranoid right now to just type life is good because the moment to do something will happen tomorrow that well make me regret my words. Geez thats sad.

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