Sunday, January 24, 2016

Up early and in a strange mood.

Woke up early for me today. Well I woke up really early then spent some fruitless time trying to go back to sleep. Two dogs on either side of me and a cat sitting on my hip for good measure but it wasn't meant to be the wheels started to turn in my brain and I knew it useless.

I'm usually pretty groggy in the morning I am more of a night owl but for some reason today I feel really good maybe it was that late night combination of melatonin xanax and my statin that made me sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed (I had a very strange panic attack right before bed last night). I would talk about what I think set that attack off but I am not in the mood to delve quite that deep into the past. Although it could be a ton of things my house not selling and now being priced just about 100 g's less than what I bought it for my husband having some problem with his brain and basically reverting to being a very large child that falls down a lot or hell who knows maybe it was just things from the distant past reminding me that there are things still be dealt with a one day and hopefully put to bed.

Okay I meant to write a short piece about my new town and one of the many many things I love about it is that magnificent nature is bam right there. The picture above was taken from the parking lot of the dollar store. I mean how many dollar stores come with a view like this? It blows me away every time. I might not live in the gorgeous green hills in the middle of a 200 acre dairy farm anymore but the the view from here ain't too shabby.  I like the juxtaposition of the urban and the wild. And yes I like when I get to use juxtaposition. Its the well aren't I just too smart for words snarky little bitch inside me bringing out the big words.  Yes I like to make fun of myself too I try to not let myself get away with too much bullshit. Not always successful but its something I like to keep an eye on.

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