Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wake me when its over and dreaming of warmer days.

Planning time for the 2104 season is underway and planting time will be here before I know it. Today I did the taxes took a deep breath after getting the results a nice little refund take another breath breathe in breathe out. Can you tell things have been tight? Then after tackling that yearly chore I needed to start wrapping my mind around this years planting schedule. The tomatoes that go in early in the high tunnel need to be started now and to do that I had to go through the new seeds that were bought this year and the seeds I already had. I did this while sitting in bed but to be honest sitting in bed is where I usually tackle the big stuff of life. Ziggy came to help and found a little spot not yet covered with seed packs to sit and purr. Nothing more soothing that a cat purring. So I found the seeds I needed to start today and then figured out while I was at it I might as well organize them. Time to start thinking about spring.

Today is March 1st and it feels and looks like Jan 15th except the days are longer and the sun does feel a little stronger. I guess warmer weather will show up at some point but I keep checking the forecast and all I see is more polar vortex kind of crap. I don't mind winter I like the break and it gives us all something to bitch about but this winter has just been too hard too dark too cold and yes way to damn long. I am about to take a leave of absence from work so I can hibernate until spring actually shows up. I can even see the sign on the bedroom door "shh human hibernating don't wake till spring". Well I guess that is not really something I can do there are jobs to be done and bills to be paid but its a nice thought. Can you just imagine going to sleep right now while its cold and bare and waking up to birds singing the sun shining and that wonderful wonderful smell of things growing. Oh how I miss the smell of dirt baking in the sun or that feeling of digging in the soil and finding that still moist and cool soil just prime for planting. I can  picture myself now sitting in the dirt planting something with one of the cats usually Ziggy or maybe Fat Albert coming to check on me and to see what I am doing and then usually laying down in whatever I am trying to accomplish in that special way that only cats can be "helpful".

I read through some posts from last year and I actually started to cry there was so much anguish guilt paranoia and nerves last year trying to be successful at growing food it kind of floored me. I hope this year is better I hope I do better find more energy make better decisions have better luck (okay any luck) work smarter work faster and get some nice results. At least this time of year I haven made any mistakes yet there is always that. After I read those posts from last year I thought again about why do I do this why try and have another full time job on top of the one I already have? Honestly I think I like the struggle of farming its so different from the corporate world I work in where you just go and do your job day in day out. I think that there is something so primitive about growing food and choosing to try and do it makes you part of the past and breaks you from the mold just a bit of being a normal person. Well that makes sense doesn't it what normal person would want to do this? And that's fine with me I have avoided being normal my whole damn life.

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