Sunday, May 11, 2014

Home again after a short trip to Chicago and feeling like myself again.

chicago had my first latte with goat milk!

Last Sunday I flew to Chicago for work for a few days and I got to say it was nice to travel again I actually like to fly and I love love love hotels. My work has recently upgraded us from customer service to inside sales so to reinforce the change they have decided to send us out on the road to shadow our sales guys in the field. I was a bit nervous about it to be honest I figured hey I am inside sales for a reason but shocker I was actually pretty damn good at the ole firm handshake look them in the eyes and sell them paper routine. It's not something I would ever want to do full time but I could see getting out in the field once a year or so to be a good thing it sure built my confidence up and I guess I needed that because after that small trip I feel more like myself than I have in ages. It's good to be back. Not sure where I have been but I have definitely not been very present the past days weeks months maybe years in my own life. I'm back baby I'm back hope I didn't miss too much while my mind was elsewhere.

So with a much more whole sense of myself I returned home last Wednesday to embark once again on my hybrid life of full time worker slave to the man inhabitor of the salt mines and part time vegetable farmer. But like I said that trip did me good seems to have put things in a perspective again something I have been seriously a bit shy on.  So my day job is going well when I returned to the office I was met with what you always want to on earth do you do your job it's impossible....I wanted to say maybe for you he he he. Again confidence building to say the least. On to my part time existence as a grower of vegetables....

I feel like I am behind schedule (as usual) but I think I should be okay I have 5 weeks until the first market and fingers crossed I will show up with more than one bag of lettuce. We had to drill a new well and since they had the big man toys out Tom (my parents house wizard) decided to dig up the septic so it easily good be pumped but also graded the lawn around the new well got rid of the hideous weed that was eating our garage but also cleared out the junk trees that were behind the garage leaving me with a few new grass free zones which I am going to turn into veggie beds. I wasn't going to cut any new beds this year figuring we are going to sell but I figured what the hell the hard work had already been done so now I have a great spot for the potatoes! Always a silver lining right? Damn straight I am a big believer of silver linings and can find one just about anywhere.

i tilled all that yep i did garlic growing nicely in foreground.

Also good news is the new fancy Italian tiller is actually easy to use and I no longer have to relay on Tommy to get the tilling done.  I even filled it with gas and started it all by myself today man I felt like Joan of Arc, Madame Currie and Gloria Steinham rolled all into one. Take that lazy husband take that! Ha I will till when I want to and nobody can stop me! Till till till till! I did feel good though nonsensical writing aside.  I hate having to rely on others and now I really feel like the destiny of my little micro farm is truly in my own hands and that feels pretty freaking awesome. So you know they warning signs they put on things to try and stop stupid people from doing stupid things? So on the tiller there is a big warning don't touch engine engine hot sign and what did I do yep I reached out and put my whole palm flat on it after I ran out of gas I guess I just needed proof that yep it was hot very hot. What am I five? I needed empirical knowledge of that I couldn't just trust the stupid picture and my own 44 years worth of experience. Nope I guess not.
future in seedlings.


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