Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just one of those days and taking the seedlings for a bit of a ride.

We all have them those days where you say why did I bother waking up what was I thinking I was so much better off under the covers with the hubby the two dogs and fat albert the cat curled up beside me. But alas we must get up and go to work so I jump in the shower and for some reason I grab a fistful of shampoo I mean a fistful and I lather up my hair into an afro of hair and shampoo. At the same time I notice that the once plentiful water coming out of the shower is now a trickle yes a trickle. Now granted I am not really awake and my problem solving at 6:45 am is not legendary so I stand there like an idiot with a slow trickle of water not making much progress on the huge amount of shampoo in my hair. So I pop the hand held thingy out of main shower head and try that I make a little progress then I figure out if I turn the shower off then on the pressure comes back on and I was able to finish my shower. Honestly I envisioned myself being late to work standing there for hours trying to get the shampoo out of my hair. Just one of those mornings.

I finish getting ready put the dogs back in the bedroom with Tommy give them kisses and wish like hell I could join them but go to work like a good girl instead. Dash out of the house check the chickens who are still in lockdown and still pissed about it. Give them grain and water and jump in the car and start my drive to work. About 5 miles down the road (too far for me to turn back) I remember that I grabbed trays of seedlings last night from my parents house (their basement is ideal for starting seedlings my house is too cold because I am too cheap to turn the heat up) after we had dinner so I could start hardening them off and get them in the ground in the next week and yes people they were still in the back of my car. I left them in the car last night to protect them a bit from the nighttime temps and I had planned to pull them out this morning put them in a shady protected spot but again I am not very awake at that time in the morning and yes I did take my seedlings to work with me.

I figured I would roll with it and show them a grand time and stop at dunkin donuts what seedling doesn't like donuts but alas the line was too long and no coffee for me and no donuts for them. Stupid lines. So now the seedlings (a good chunk of my growing season future) sit in my car in the shade in Cohoes NY. Hopefully it wont get too hot for them fingers crossed they will be okay. Just one of those days.

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