Monday, May 19, 2014

The fruitlessness of chasing chickens and always being a rookie.

planting beds

Finally it seems we have shaken off winters long and grueling grip and its that time of year to start putting the food in the ground. Its a overwhelming time as well as a beautiful one my list of things to get done is always longer than my energy is and its something  I always struggle with. But thankfully we got to till last week and till till till we did and now things are going in the ground easier than ever before. Thank you fancy Italian tiller. I have nicknamed it the beast. The garden beds look better than ever lets just hope we catch some breaks and things grow as well as they can. 

I have taken a lot of time of in May to be able to plant and this weekend I made a three day weekend by taking today off. Friday started off well I transplanted 2 beautiful rows of broccoli and they looked great. But I noticed as I was planting that the chickens kept coming over and taking bites out of the transplants. Now I don't know if you have chickens or not but the silliest enterprise ever has got to be trying to chase them. Just time wasted they always win they always go the exact opposite way you think they will they always go just where you don't need them to go with their dinosaur feet. I finally after making an ass out of myself got them out of the garden and back to other areas of interest and I thought I was good to go. I even put out lots of chicken crack aka scratch to keep their collective chicken mind off the tender broccoli and I thought I thought I succeeded...but rookie mistake (I think I will always be a rookie) I left the house to make a quick trip to the grocery store and I came back thinking all was good i spied no chickens near the broccoli but I decided I would face my fate and go look and low and behold the broccoli was still there but still there with not many leaves left.

So now the chickens are on lock down until things are big enough that they can withstand a few or many chicken nibbles. The ladies are NOT happy with me but too damn bad. The good news they do have a little run off their coop so nobody please accuse me of chicken cruelty they can still go outside they just cant wreck havoc for now.  

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