Saturday, June 6, 2015

Getting the juvie chickens out of the house FINALLY!!

Mrs Fluffybottom

Finally it is nice enough out to start getting the new chickens acclimated to the one older hen I have left Mrs. Fluffybottom. I meant to do it earlier this week but the weather was kind of cold and I figured a few more days of hanging out in the laundry room wouldnt kill them. Athough I am certainly ready to NOT have chickens in my house. My house is odiferous enough thank you with two dogs and four cats, six chickens added a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix which i really do not need. So today is breezy but gorgeous and Tommy helped me carry out the dog crate full of chickens outside we placed it next to the run so they could see eachother and hopefully get used to eachother before I put them into the coop. The seem pretty happy so far and I think the peeking with be lessened since the older hen is certainly out numbered. I stopped naming my chickens awhile back but when I told the girl at the feed store she seemed so disapointed in me I figured I would though caution to the wind and name them all. And in the spirit of George Foreman I decided to use names that all begin with "E".  So the two buffs are eliza jane and eliose...the two araucanas are esther (after my grandmother) and Euphemia (where did that one come from funny first name that popped into my head) the two plymouth rocks are emma and ella.  See how much restraint I showed not one of them is named after myself Elizabeth.  Proud of me right?

This one is Esther named for my rockstar 97 year young grandmother

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