Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 year in review

I thought I would write a short one summing up the year in order to clear my mind and get ready for the upcoming year.  First of all I want to talk about bishop our beloved dog who we had to put down a few weeks ago. He was the most interesting dog I have ever met he would actually sit sometimes in the middle of the yard and watch the sun go down. I could never tell if he was just one step away of being a Buddha or maybe he was just slightly retarded either way he was one of the best dogs ever, a valued friend, my husbands co-pilot and a truly singular dog in every way. So for right now we are actually 2 Dogs Barking Farms but I am sure that will change once a new pup finds their way to us. So raise a glass to Bishy tonight he was one great freaking dog. My favorite farm memory of Bishop was the time he got his big head stuck in the cucumber trellis freaking hilarious.

Now about our little micro farm its been quite the year.  From getting flooded and seeing the Hudson come right over the road and make the land look more like a lake than farmland (I of course promptly named it Lake EB) to planting old favorites and trying tons of new things I have never tried to grow before so some successful and some well not so much. Oh well that's one of the things I like most about this new enterprise of ours there is always always the hope and the promise of next year. It wasn't long into this season when I was already mumbling to myself next year I will do this, next year I will definitely NOT do this. We did not make it to market this year with the late start due to flooding it just never came together for us but maybe that was a good thing I think we definitely needed a year of just growing things and not necessarily worrying about the marketing and selling side of things. But we will make it to market this year so Ballston Spa Farmers market watch out 3 Dogs Barking is coming!!!!!

So on the cusp of 2012 I have already poured over the seed catalogs and have decided on what I am going
to put in the high tunnel once the days reach 10 hours of sunlight and I cant wait each day is getting a little longer now that we have put the longest day of the year behind us.  Then we just have to decide on the rest of the crops for the many mini seasons/plantings for balance of the year. Its really exciting to think that you are not just focusing on they typical memorial day through labor day growing season but with the wonderful high tunnel we should have an early early spring crop and late spring early summer crop then onto fall and even next winter not to mention the outdoor plantings starting in early spring and lasting through late fall. I love all the planning lets just hope I can back up the planning with enough energy and physical endurance to make it all a success.

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope its a great year for all!

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