Sunday, November 11, 2012

November the 11th and things are still growing...k

So far one of my favorite favorite things this year is that its almost the middle of November and there is still stuff growing out there. Now that's cool. There are cabbages, and Brussels sprouts, leeks, rainbow chard, spinach, red pak choi, arugula, and salad mix. I like farming in this nice chilly weather too its not hot and sticky there aren't many bugs but I did give myself a little frost bite the other morning picking cabbages for drop off at market. I guess as with everything there are always pros and cons.
lulu and the salad mix
Red Pak Choi

Lulu looking cute with the salad mix red pak choi getting ready for a stir fry or something else you might do with it.

Rainbow Chard and Romanesco Cauliflower still growing the chard is under ag-19 to keep it snuggly.

I am surprised how late it is in the season and how much there still is going on gives me great hope that once I get the high tunnel planted for the winter and early spring we will be able to grow food almost 12 months a year which would be amazing. Which is great because apparently growing vegetables makes me absurdly happy and if I can get that rush 12 months a year even better! One of my goals this year was to provide some if not all the vegetables for Thanksgiving this year. Now we fell short of that goal of ALL but we will provide brussels sprouts and a butternut squash or two so that's not too shabby! And as always another one of my favorite aspects of farming is the hope of next year. Things that we will do better at, things to grow that we have never grown before, and of course things we will probably mess up that we haven't messed up before bugs and diseases we haven't tangled with before but for now I will look forward to the positive stuff and just accept the negative as it comes hopefully a little of it as possible will come our way.  Happy growing and eating!

The hope of next year garlic planted and strawberries!

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