Saturday, October 19, 2013

First Saturday off since June and I still woke up early.

I had planned to sleep in today like only I can but alas I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep so instead of trying I grabbed my camera and took these shots of the fog and sunrise.

This is the first weekend since June we haven't had market to go to so no waking up early to pick and wash and pack and sell vegetable instead we are going to go up to Glens Falls to the farmers market to be consumers. Its always fun and I think good practice too to see other farmers displays and methods and to get ideas for improvements to our own setup and display for next year. Then we are off to get some lumber to build a few raised beds outside the kitchen for a nice herb and flower garden. I have always wanted one and this year dammit it will be mine. Our mower finally died this week and some how my John Deere dealer got them to up my credit limit (he must be a miracle worker) so we are going to buy a used one that is much bigger and should fit our needs better you can also get some farm-like attachments for it so that should come in handy that paired with our new walk behind tractor hopefully next year we will do a better job at this enterprise of farming. I am doing way too much work by hand and I need to start working more efficiently and spending the limited time I have more economically. Here's hoping I hate spending all my time weeding instead of planting.

My grandmother is in town with her cousin and her cousins son and I look forward to having a nice family dinner at my parents tonight. This is part of the family that still farms a bit making hay and I cant wait to talk shop I have million questions about making hay. Well maybe not a million but more than you probably think one person can have. Hay fascinates me. Well off to start the day. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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