Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Strange Dreams and then some.

I have always been a vivid dreamer.  I dream in color, dream a lot multiple times a night, can be in them or just watching, can be male or female myself or a character. I can even wake myself up and if it was a good or interesting dream I can go back to sleep and put myself back in the dream. Its always a little different but the same theme once I get there. I love dreaming like I love sleeping maybe the dreams are one reason I like sleeping so much. Okay paired with being pretty lazy. I hear you I hear you. So early this morning must have been between 5 and 6 am I have a whopper of a dream...I have never posted about my dreams before but this one was so interesting so here we go.

My brother is taking me to meet a man and he tells me this man likes chubby women and women who love the ballet. I look at him and say I got that. So he says we are going to see this guy at his upscale apartment in a tall office-like building but instead of entering through the door we have to enter through a small opening that we crawl through like a heating duct or something. So I think this is strange number one why is my brother kind of pimping me out (don't worry Dave it wasn't you but the younger weird brother I never had) so i start to question this mode of entry but he says don't worry this is how he likes people to visit and don't worry hes cute. So I fall for that and say okay if hes cute that's cool.

So we enter and my brother disappears and the guy is older but cute and Italian I think. So we chit chat etc and then end up going to bed the sex is pretty decent and then afterwards he makes enough oblique comments that I realize he is going to kill me and he is going to kill me by making me go out a different exit much the same as the entrance but in leaving through the exit i will plummet to my death. So I start stalling telling him about myself and my family I think I even make a pot of tea anything to avoid my demise. Finally I can stall no more and he starts to shove me out of the window and I look down at what looks like the streets of NYC and maybe the facade of the Plaza hotel? But the rub for him is that we are only like 50 feet above ground and there is a canopy underneath so I say dude this fall isn't going to kill me what are you going to do now? So he starts shoving harder harder to get my fat ass out the window and I get far enough out that i look to my left and a young lady is standing there on the ledge apparently trying to kill herself. So I say listen we will talk about this later but can you scream an alarm for me this asshole is trying to kill me. It gets a little vague here but somehow I jump down and survive. At this point I take myself out of dream and watch.

Yes I can do that and yes its cool sucks if you do it during a good part though. It becomes like watching a movie. Now I watch the action the young girl (I think from the ledge) starts to run down the busy sidewalks of NY and magically the bad guy appears and he is PISSED so he pulls out his huge out of date cell phone (one of the flip phone ones that is almost as big as a house phone with the huge antenna) and he dials his nimons and says red alert she escaped. and he start his pursuit and I wake up.

I lay there mulling over the action of that my brain has just delivered and then I slowly fall back to sleep and put myself back into dream. The action now opens at the house I grew up in and my parents are there and I think there is some kind of cooking anxiety for me maybe no clean dishes and only 3 eggs to feed 17 people on Thanksgiving anyway something like that. To calm down I walk out on the front porch and there amongst the fallen leaves and debris that accumulates on any front porch there is a package for me and its from the Italian. I open it and it is a statue that I think I admired at his apartment and it is of a sacrificial bull kind of cycladic style and at first I am floored by this gift (apparently I am easily swayed by gifts try to kill me but buy me a gift and we are all squared?) and I am happy but then I realize he hasn't taken the price tag of $150 bucks off and I think how tacky he wanted me to know what he paid for it. Attached to the price tag was a note to me it was written in red ink and effeminate handwriting and yes folks I woke before I got to read it. Damn dog that had to pee! And the return address had an Italian name like Mr. Berlucsoni sounds like the old PM of Italy? Omg I just goggled it up its him but in my dream he was much cuter. Dreams are strange got to love them. 

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