Saturday, September 14, 2013

Closing in on the end of the season.

After we got home from market today I watched the farmer take the corn down. I love watching the farmer farm I mean I love it. Give me a choice between tv and watching farming I will take farming hands down. I don't remember the corn coming done this early in the year but its always neat to watch it come down. Funny when the corn is high its like the farmer grew me a free green fence that surrounds my yard then it comes down and its all wide openness again. Not sure which one I like better both are pretty wonderful. 
Watching them take the corn down made me antsy to finish up the season. I cant wait to sleep in on Saturdays not come home at night from my day job and work like a field hand and of course not worry about what mother nature has in store for me. The rows I have planted for late summer/fall the beets the chard and the spinach look wonderful and I even have a row of beans and zucchini that are just coming in that I planted as a hail mary and fingers crossed it will make it to fruition. But the rest of it looks like a bloody nightmare waste high weeds going to seed things dead and decaying and I cant wait to mow it all down and start planning for next year. So many things went well this year but many more didn't quite go our way. But it was another year of learning and since I haven't been doing this that long I will give myself a break and say job well done. I know I have said this before but one of my favorite parts of farming is the lure of next year. It doesn't take too long into the growing season before you are taking notes and mumbling to yourself "this is a disaster not doing this this way next year" the challenge is to remember what you learned. Fingers crossed I am listening....Here are some more pics of the real farmers working. 


  1. They cut the corn here and now I can see across the field to where we put the horse at night so I can see what he is up to. I get used to having a green wall there though.

    1. It surrounds both sides of my yard and I get used to the feeling of isolation and then they cut it down and its wide open again. Amazing how fast it comes down.