Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crazy chicken lady and thinking about long genes.

Its my 44th Birthday tomorrow (I think? getting to that age where it gets blurry). I am not upset about my age in fact I always love my bday still get excited and look forward to it. My stance is that hey I didn't ask to be born and I can't stop the passage of time so why be upset getting older it isn't a character fault its just is.  I was just thanking my Grandmother Esther on facebook for sending me a gift it was a t-shirt that said "crazy chicken lady" and I love it who's lucky enough at my age to still get a gift from their grandmother? I also came across this picture of her. By the way I think she was 95 years old when this was taken and she is still going strong at I think 96. She is my mom's mom but dad's mom has her beat Grandma Dot is 102. Long genes in my family long genes.

I remember once when my mom was maybe in her fifties or maybe early sixty's and she told her brother Tim that she was now middle aged he laughed (that side of the family has a wicked sense of humor don't ever go to a funeral with them you are bound to get the inappropriate giggles) and he said you are only middle aged if you plan on living till you are 120. Well that's possible I'm my family but certainly nothing you want to plan or count on. I figure with my luck I will be the first one to mess it up and will die early for some silly avoidable reason. But who knows age is a funny thing we don't want to think about dying and we don't like to deal with the fact that we are all actively dying every second of the day but then again do you want to live so long everyone you know is dead? I don't know I think we all want to be over achievers in the longevity game but are we prepared for it? I guess all I really want is not to upset people too much by dying and of course to die in my sleep after having a few glasses of wine with a good book clenched in my hand. Who knows maybe I will get lucky. 

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